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-  About Meridian Group  -

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Meridian was established in Hong Kong in 1982. At the beginning of its establishment, the group followed the trend of China's economic reform, and took advantage of Hong Kong's unique position to develop garment trading business, mainly in the field of high-end cashmere garments, with customers mainly in European countries. Adhering to the spirit of excellence, with the efforts of all the employees in the company, in just a few years, Meridian has successfully occupied a place in the cashmere field of the entire Hong Kong region.


In order to further control products quality and provide customers with higher value-added products, Meridian established a yarn procurement department to control the entire supply chain from the source. With the expansion of the our business and the expansion of yarn purchases, Meridian established "Easy Rich" to fully control the cashmere yarn supply chain.


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In 2020, in order to make better use of the entire industry chain supply system, Meridian will make the latest integration of the business of our five branches. The original Hong Kong company "Meridian Industries Co., Ltd." is responsible for the design and full supply chain management; "Easy Rich Industries Ltd." is responsible for the group's yarn raw material procurement; "Neo Meridian Industries Garment (Cambodia) Ltd." is responsible for garment knitting and production; "New Brand Import and Export Co., Ltd." is responsible for domestic sales ; "Meridian Textiles B.V." is responsible for the overall logistics arrangement of the group. Improving the efficiency of the our resource utilization, and achieving true control of the entire process from a fiber to the final ready-to-wear product delivered to the customer.

On the other hand, for the purpose of satisfying customers' demand for one-stop service, Meridian established "Meridian Textile B.V.", which is responsible for the logistics and customs clearance services of our products in Europe, and in a real sense, door-to-door service.


With the increase in production costs in the Yangtze River Delta region, many garment manufacturers have begun to consider moving to Southeast Asia. In order to control the vertical supply chain in depth, after many inspections, Meridian finally chose to set up our own garment factory in Cambodia, Southeast Asia. Relying on Cambodia's labor advantages and preferential tariffs for exports to Europe, our Cambodian factory has maintained a good operation since its establishment. 

With the development of the domestic economy and Shanghai Pudong New Area, in order to further fit the domestic market and follow up with suppliers and logistics at any time, Meridian decided to establish a Shanghai branch, "New Brand Import and Export Co., Ltd".


-  Our Timeline  -

We established strategic business relationship with "E.Land".

We became a supplier to Magasins Galeries Lafeyette, a French prestigious department store and Celio, a reputable men’s clothing retailer in France.

Easy Rich Industries Ltd. was established in Hong Kong for yarn procurement.

Meridian Industries Ltd., our principal operating subsidiary, was incorporated in Hong Kong for garment trading business.

We started business relationship with "El Corté Ingles", "S.A., Stockmann" and "Katag AG".

We established

procurement sourcing points in Madagascar.

Meridian Netherlands, our overseas operating subsidiary was incorporated

for the provision of logistics services in Europe.

Our own production facilities were built in Cambodia, Neo Meridian Industries Garment 

(Cambodia) Ltd.

New Brand was set up in Shanghai as a yarn & garment wholesaler.

To further develop the apparel retail market in PRC, we commenced business relationship with mainland E-commerce platform.

We developed a business relationship with Zara, a global fashion group and Tommy John, an underwear chain stores in USA.

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