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-  Our Supply Chain Management  -

We are one of the leading and comprehensive supply chain management service providers specializing in garment, yarn and knitted cashmere products in the industry. Our success over more than three decades is based on our unique, transparent and integrated solutions to accommodate our customers along the garment supply chain. We earned the reputation from our remarkable establishment on four major elements in the supply chain, i.e. research, design and development, raw material sourcing and trading, production management and logistics management. 


Raw Materials Souring, Procurement & Trading

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Research, Design & Development

Production Management


Logistic Management


Research, Design & Development

Every garment and knitted products begin with research, design and development. We have an elite Research, Design and Development team to specialize in conducting market trend analysis, building inseparable relationship with customers, understanding customers’ needs, developing customized products based on customers’ specifications, developing prototype for showcasing in our showrooms. In addition to our own design team, we also engage experienced external design consultants in Europe to assist our team. They are experienced consultants to share local knowledge, insights, experiences and reputation so we can swiftly respond to the latest fashion trend. With the proven track records, our customers, predominately based in Europe, rely on our expertise’s advice on product design and development to fulfil their needs for a full spectrum of value-added supply chain management.  

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